Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Finding my grand

I have thought long and hard about what all I have learned these past 10 years while dealing with all the ups and downs that come with cancer. 

I have come to the conclusion - all the tidbits I have learned (sometimes multiple times) - are great lessons in life that I don’t usually hear others talk about until they are looking back on life talking about what they wish they would have known and practiced when they were younger verses figuring it out when they are much older.

I have lists of lessons I have learned. I have little tidbits I have I taken from here and there and applied to myself in what way works for me. I have miracle stories of my body recovering from trauma. I have a lot of good to share.

Instead of me waiting for something grand to happen (which is what I have been doing), I am changing my mind on what “grand” needs to be. 

Simply put - Me being here to share what I have learned with hopes of helping others is grand...and needed in the world.

I am pulling all the little tidbits I have collected along the way, all the mindset work I have done, taking into account all the miracle stories I have read, and I have decided THIS is the time. 

I am going to share more of my stories of triumph, failure, learning, heartbreak and everything that comes with this life I live.


Because I want to believe I haven’t crawled through 10 years of sh*t to come out on the other side as the exact same person. I want to believe those years have taught me something. I want to believe God had/has a larger reason for me here on earth...I believe we are all here to make some sort of mark on the world. I believe my mark has to do with how I have adjusted to all the crap I have been through and now what I am going to do with all I have I learned from it all.

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