Writing about life

I am a bag lady

I have collected bags

all my life

as long as I can remember

some big

some small

some stylish

some plain

these bags –

I collect


hoard...some might say

these bags

hold everything
everything in my life

lately though –
I have realized
these bags
all weigh different

 ~love is light and airy

I can sling it over my shoulder and take it with me wherever I go –
no matter how long the journey
Joy is the same
I can stuff my bag full of joy

and never feel
its weight
on my shoulder

but on the side

can weigh me down
even if I am only carrying
a single
pebble in my bag

this tiny pebble
weighs a ton
like carrying bricks
bending me
side to side
hurts my body

tweaking my back
here and there

I have decided though
I surely don’t need
all these bags
weighing me down.

 I am getting rid of the bags
especially the tiny bags

the tiny bags
that carry

only the pebbles
the pebbles

that weigh me down

 I have decided
I only need One bag

One bag
and One bag only
to carry God

with me

all day


in that bag

I will find

all the






I can imagine



will be my only bag

I carry

from now on


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