Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mind chatter - lesson 1

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing with y’all some techniques I have learned and tweaked over the years to get control over my mind chatter.

I am going to write AND do a video chat about each one. I seem to explain the same activity differently depending on if I am writing or talking 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I am hoping that with written instruction and talking you through, the little pieces will make your puzzle easier!

Our first lesson is to start actively listening to your mind chatter. (I know this sounds weird, BUT this is the ground work for so much, DO IT!!)

Step 1:

RIGHT NOW - acknowledge with your self that this is not going to be easy (the concept is simple but learning it is challenging BUT so worth it.)

I have found that acknowledging this, makes it easier to go easy on not get flustered and talk more sh*t to myself for not getting it right away!

Step 2:

set a reminder on your watch/phone for a few times throughout the day.

When your alarm beeps, STOP what you are doing 

Step 3:

Observe/listen to your thoughts.

Kinda like when you are sitting at a restaurant and the people sitting at the table next to you are talking loud and it peaks your interest. You start to try harder to listen to what they are saying. (If I am the only one who does this...well now you know more about me... I love to hear stories...from anyone 🤷🏻‍♀️).

Step 4:

When you notice an “an eye roll” thought, 


Collaborate and listen 😳😂😂 

Seriously though, as soon as you notice an eye roll thought, gently say stop.

And replace the eye roll thought with a better thought. 

ANYTHING BETTER...even if it is a tiny bit better.

*What is an eye roll thought?

If someone were to say out loud your thought to you and you would roll your eyes at them because they are being ridiculously hard on themselves.*


You notice “geez... I look fat” thought


Change your thought to SOMETHING you like about yourself.

My hair looks great today.

If you cannot say something about your appearance, an easy go-to one is, my breath is beautiful. 




Let me your thoughts and if you have questions.


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Anonymous said...

I struggle with pretty bad anxiety sometimes and have gone to therapy for it. Your explanation is so much more relatable than how my therapist pushed the technique as. Thanks!