Thursday, May 25, 2017

Oh so tired

I must admit, when I started this whole cancer life, I had never been to a funeral outside of family...OLDER family members. 

For those, of course I was sad, but I took comfort in knowing they were Home and healthy...they had nothing else to do here on earth.

About 9 months after I was diagnosed Stage 4, I lost my first friend who was a mom of 2 boys. We would trade Skylanders we had double how we got to do each other outside our support group. Her reoccurrence threw me like nothing I ever expected. I honestly thought since me trial drug was working on me, it would surely work for her too. It didn't. I was shocked as the truth of this slapped me in the face.

Stage 4 breast cancer does kill, and it doesn't care who.

9 years later, I have been to way TOO many services. And all of these way too many services were for women UNDER 43 <insert eye roll> and 90% of them had a family with children. 

This is where my beat-up heart gets ripped to shreds. It is the children left behind in the wake of cancer destruction that makes me break down. I can too easily put our family in that place, and it takes me to my knees in sorrow and fear.

Please send Peace and Love to the K family as they all deal with the aftermath of breast cancer.

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