Thursday, October 6, 2016

Not again

I really don't know why I thought this would ever get easier? 

I don't know why I thought I could somehow make myself numb to the pain that I can't take away from others. 

I feel numb like I have felt too many times before. My stomach swirls with rage and heartache. 

I pray I will never have to feel this again. Honestly, I never thought I would feel this way this many times in my life yet alone in only 38 years. 

A great lady is laying at home trying to spend every last second she can with her baby and husband. 

I don't get it...I don't understand so much of what is happening in the world around me.  How can this be happening to another young mom? 

I BEG you people, to KNOW that pink bullsh*t is NOT the answer to this. We need research. We need to know why this is happening to SO many young women.
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