Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"I wasn't expecting that" by James Lawson

First off, let me say this post might be a tearjerker...and I don't mean it to be, BUT this is my life...our life here in Cancerland living as a #Lifer and the lives of our loved ones.

Listen first then continue reading (I don't mean to be bossy)

I think this is life...not just as a #Lifer in Cancerland, but life.  We are never expecting "that" whatever that might be.

When I met Eric, I wasn't expecting to fall in love with him. When I had Ian, I wasn't expecting my heart to grow 100x and Ian's presence filling it with magical love. When I heard I had cancer that first time, I wasn't expecting the fight that filled me up, and the fight I had inside of me. When it came back as Stage 4 Breast Cancer, I wasn't expecting that...AT ALL. When it moved to my brain, three times, I sure as hell wasn't expecting that. When Eric and mom had to will be to get out of bed, to get back in the game of life, I wasn't expecting that. When I relearned to walk, drive and live again...I wasn't expecting that.

When I found a group of friends who all have Stage 4 Breast Cancer who I couldn't get through this with out, I wasn't expecting that. 

Some of the best things in life have been things that in no way I was expecting.

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