Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back to grey

So so sorry for no post in such a long time… I really am trying to get better about posting even when nothing exciting is going on, but my life doesn't really work like that now does it??

The past two weeks I have been having fierce migraines again so we all knew it comes with migraines… Darkrooms lots of sleep and MRIs.


The MRI results are 95% all good. We are waiting on Dr. Groves final report which I don't go see him and he'll mid August but for right now we are calling my migraines from necrosis...again.

Eric did some reading about necrosis and these symptoms I'm having go right along with having had three brain surgeries and the scar tissue filling in and moving around which causes the migraines and unfortunately it looks like this is something that can be an ongoing issue for me… Yippee?!?!

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