Monday, January 12, 2015

The week ahead

I don't ever mean to, but once again I have put lot on my to-do list.

In all honesty, I love having a full to-do shows me I am feeling better.
And even more honestly, I love marking things off that list!

This week is a busy one with all the things on my wish list:
YouTube videos
Get office in a working mode
Walk/yoga daily
Even though it is all on my wish list doesn't mean I will get it all done.
I must find a better way to organize my wish list into actual time will come some way.

I only have one MUST do - chemo.
And I am not sure if I see Dr. H or not?!?! 
I guess I will figure that when I am there. 

Saturday there is a really cool event that is shaping up with a bunch of other cancer girls.  The details are 100% final yet, but when they are I will share.

Sunday I am going to see Sandi Krakowski speak at her #BeMore event. I even felt called to get the tickets of where I get to meet her before hand and speak with her. I AM SO EXCITED!!!
I want to give her a little package to remember me. I am thinking I am going to make her a canvas that says #BeMore.  Yes, I am praying this sparks a personal connection with her.

I hope you have a great week.
I will keep you posted on what I make to give to Sandi and how chemo is.

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