Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to help others...this is not a BC post!!

 It is true…I am a sap and I 100% believe this quote.
Now, I am not saying I am a really great person, but I have been told I do this – I make others feel like whatever it is they are wanting to do it totally doable. I have been told I make others know their dream is doable.

I love that part of me.

But there is another part of me that I don’t know how to change.
I know when someone tells me they want something and then I see all their actions go against that thing they told me about – it upsets me.

It upsets me for many reasons:
Were they just blowing smoke up my ass to get me to shut up?

                If so that is fine, just tell me to shut it and we can both go on.
Do I expect too much from others?

                I don’t know.  I know I expect a lot from myself, BUT I think we all should.

I do try to look at others how I look at Ian and try to lead by example instead of telling how something “should” be done.

I realize I have been able to do these things I tell others about. 
But for me, I seem to have a switch in me.  When I am done with something, I am done. 

I can walk away without looking back. 
I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse??

All of this writing  is getting to a point - I have people in my life I want to help. 
I don’t know if they want my help?

They tell me about their problems, so I look at the as an invite into their problems.  If you invite me in, my way of helping is empowering you to know what is doable.

I have been through what they are going through so I offer my input…how I helped myself when I was dealing what that problem.
I see these people struggle.  I have been that person struggling.

I want to shake them and tell them how to do it.
But I guess that isn’t the point…is it??

I don’t know what my point is.
I guess, can I help others who don’t really want to be helped??


I need to change my attitude from wanting to shake them to do as I do instead to praying for them to find their own path. 
If that path runs into my path, I will be waiting with open arms and tell them welcome to this path.

If that part doesn’t run into my path, I will offer love and support no matter what.
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