Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter to Ian

Dear Ian – 7 years old

Oh my sweet little guy.

You aren’t so little anymore.

You are the tallest in your class and nobody believes me when I tell them you are not 8 or 9.

You have grown up so much this past year.

You loved Kindergarten, won the Excellent Award for being a great listener, helper and classmate. We are so proud to see you growing into a caring human being.

Anytime we see anyone in need, you want to know what you can do to help. You ask me to stop at every homeless person we see to give them money. You question why people are mean to others. You question why others lie.

Your heart is honest and pure.

Me and daddy tell you that even when others are mean or lie, you need to love them anyway because we don’t know what is happening in their life that we don’t see.  You 100% take that to heart. You tell me if someone was mean to someone else at school or camp that you hope they are both ok.

You are truly a beacon of light in this world.

We got Lucy this year. You love to lay in her bed with her and let her lick your face. She is still a little nippy, so you are still learning how to play fetch with her.

You are developing your own unique sense of humor. You are very dry and matter of fact with what you say, but the grin on your face makes everyone laugh.

You still love to make me and daddy laugh.

You love anything to do with science, you want to read non-fiction fact books about dinosaurs and rocks, you have figured out how to win big at Chucky Cheese with BeBe’s help in counting when the wheel will stop on the grand prize – you and BeBe have people ask for help in winning the jackpot all the time when we are there.

You went to summer camp in the neighborhood this summer and had a great time. You also went to Lego camp and have become a great builder.

You still love Pokemon and love your collection of them.

I love you more than words could ever explain. You have a piece of my heart that makes me, you and daddy a complete whole.

I love you so much

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