Saturday, August 30, 2014

Feathers from Angels

Feathers from Angels

I have been trying to take notice of the little things around me – the little things that have always been there but sometimes I was too preoccupied with myself to notice.

Too preoccupied with what I was worrying about.

Too preoccupied with what I thought others were thinking.

Too preoccupied comparing myself to myself of the past – the me who could do so much more.

I took a class on how to hear your angels – as I believe God gives us all angels to be with us all the time. And no, I don’t think it is because God can’t do it all, it is because He has people with Him who are born to help others. And they still want to help others no matter if they are on earth or not.

From this class, so much came rushing back to me – so many memories that I had forgotten about:

Times where there is NO explanation of how it worked out so beautifully.

Times where I follow that feeling of guidance and it leads me to a magical place.

Times where I cry out for help only to look around and see He has already sent help.

With all my prayer work lately, I have felt the nudge to call for help in all I do. And I mead ALL. Even the tiny things that seem to not matter.

From this, I have been noticing magic all around me. Call it what you would like – I call it friendship from above. Like God is our father sending out an older sibling to watch me and make sure I am ok.

I now see fresh fluffy feathers all throughout the day.

When I wake up, there is a feather in the restroom.

When I leave the house, there is a feather on the front doorstep.

When I get in the car, there is a feather on my windshield.

With these little tokens from above, I tell God thank for sending Angels.

I tell the Angels thank you for being with me.

Do you have any angel stories? I would LOVE to hear them – I love talking about angels.
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