Saturday, November 2, 2013


We almost made it through October with nothing major happening…ALMOST!
We have crazy rain Wednesday night…I mean crazy.  I think our area ended up with 8 inches in a few hours.
A little before 10:00 I hear Eric saying, F*CK, F*CK, F*CK
Now 2 things here really jolted me out of bed:
-          For a man for almost never curses to be running from room to room yelling F*CK over and over again in his white t-shirt and boxers (no, honey, I could leave that part out because it makes me laugh even sitting here writing this!)
-          And two him yelling it is coming in everywhere
I had to get up to see what in the world was actually happening.
A flood was happening – in our kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and Ian’s room.
Eric whipped out the shop vac and started sucking up water as fast as he could.
I got every towel, sheet, and piece of clothing out of the chest of drawers and random pieces from the closet and put those at the edge of the pool hoping the barrier would stop it from flowing elsewhere.
So Eric kept working with the shop vac and got the first round pretty much cleaned up.
THEN round 2 hit.
This time I was of no help because I was slipping all over

So Eric was a one man show this go around.

He was bailing water from the area until he puked (I told him it was like a cross fit work out - I don't think he thought I was funny in least bit) then went back to vacuuming, back to bailing/puking and back and forth until it all stopped.

AND we don't have flood insurance (why in the world would we need it?, BUT all the work he did saved us from major damage.

We are now in process of taking up the floor to let it dry out and then will lay it back down like we (Eric) did in the kitchen.
We did order a pod to try to organize this mess so we don't go cray cray - THAT would be a good thing.
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