Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The care givers...

I would like to take this chance to say thank you to all the care givers out there.

So many people tell me and others going through a disease what an inspiration we are to them, but I think a lot of people forget a HUGE part of that equation – the care givers…the ones who are with us through it all – the news, the plans, the process of it all...every part of the journey.

         They hold our hands when we get bad news all while holding themselves together.

         They hold our hands while getting treatments, tests, IV pokes and so much more.

         They hold the weight of their own world, our world, our children’s world – all on their    shoulders – all the time.

         They keep their live going all while balancing this new life thrown at them also.

         They are the gatekeeper between the patient and outside world – to protect us from others…others who don’t intentionally harm us with their words or actions, but we need a gatekeeper.

I realize way too many patients aren’t as blessed as I am – I not only have my wonderful husband who I can’t imagine going through this journey without, but he can’t imagine letting me go through any of this on my own.

I have my family and friends also, who circle around me and cover me with love whenever they can.

I believe we all need to be givers daily…even if we aren’t care givers in a traditional sense we need to all be givers in any sense to those in the world…daily.

                When you see someone who needs a hand – lend it…so what if it is a homeless person and they are asking for a $1 and you don’t know what they will spend it on…if you can help him/her at that point in time – do it!

              When you see someone who needs love – give it…even if it with a smile.

              When you a friend in need – do all you can to help.

             When you see an empty space in the world that needs to be filled – fill it…with love and kindness.
I know it sounds like a big task, but it doesn't have to be...start small - something is better is nothing - in any sense.
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