Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

Lots of things make me uncomfortable.

Confrontation – with anyone – I hate it.  I don’t see the point in fighting and trying so hard to get someone to see your view point – just accept you think differently and go on

Speaking of feelings – actually talking about them.   I can write about them all day, but I seem to trip over my words, so writing things gives me time to think about them and really get out what I mean.

Dentist – hate it

Attention on me – I don’t do well with the spot light shining on me.  I think no matter what the situation, there are SO many events and people involved to make anything happen, the spotlight shouldn’t be one just one person.

I guess I need to get over a few of these if I really do want to speak about my love for God in front of people?!?!?!

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