Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Getting back to what I was able to do before the brain tumor has been one blessing after another.

Yesterday was a big day for me – used to be a normal day.

I read somewhere that everything we do should be celebrated; therefore, we should be thankful for everything – even the tiny things that seem like no brainers – things we assume will never go away.

I now realize there is nothing we can assume…as we don’t know anything for sure.

I went on a 20 minute walk around the part after I dropped Ian off. Ha – the “old me” would look at that and roll my eyes

 I took Ian to Michael’s craft store for the first time since last August – before this I couldn’t go alone – just the thought of the store overwhelmed me…in all aspects.

In the past 4 months:

Walked with walker

Walked with Cane

Walked with brace

Walking on my own

Relearned to drive

Grocery store with just me and Ian

Can now do laundry – I could carry the baskets before because it threw my balance off

Load and unload the dishwasher – again the balance bit

Went to the mall

Again, all this stuff I used to do without once thinking these were huge blessing.

Now, I say thank you all day long for what I can do again.
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