Thursday, April 12, 2012

Raising the bar

There has been A LOT of negative talk about certain non-profits lately – what they do with the money, who they partner with, what they DON’T do with the money, etc. I hate seeing stuff like this because I feel it makes everyone leery about donating anything to ANYONE.

The BCRC is a local Austin organization that has helped me more than words can express with my cancer journey and helped and continues to help so many others.  This is their first year to have an on-line donation campaign and I was asked to help them launch it…I couldn’t be more excited to help them.

After my first diagnosis, my best friend Marci reached out them on my behalf – to ask them to reach out to me, to ask them what she needed to know/do, what books to read and much more.  That same day I received an email and call from Runi, a patient navigator ready to help me.  Within the first two weeks, I went to a lunch with the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls where we discussed the pros/cons of me freezing embrios before starting chemo, where I was able to see others who went through chemo and were great, see others going through chemo to see they weren’t laid up in bed all day like I thought – I was able to see that there was 100% life during and after cancer.

Here is a link to my personal fund raising page.  I decided to set my bar high and raise $1,500. If you donated $150+ you will receive a 5X7 “love” canvas – kind of like this one.

PLEASE pass this information along to your friends and family.  This is really a great organization and they DO spend the money how they say and they DO make a huge difference.
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