Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In my best caterpillar voice smoking a pipe (From Alice and Wonderland) – what was he smoking in that pipe??? HMMM…I think I already know :)

So, I found this nifty little button on my blog that says stats. Now, don’t go getting all excited on me here – I actually have no idea what all these numbers mean. I know though that the numbers I see on who follows this blog and those who read don’t add up in the least bit.

I thought it would be fun to see who is out there, who is reading this, how did you find it – I am curious.

To entice you to tell me about you, I thought I would tell you a little more about me – other than the obvious – I have breast cancer, the best hubby, family and friends ever.

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. The mail system, UPS, FED Ex totally intrigues me. I mean, how does one letter start at one post office, get thrown in with tons of other mail and end up where it needs to be? I just don’t understand it.

2. I feel my degree was a big waste. NOW don’t get me wrong, Ian will go to college, get a degree and that is that. I feel like if I would have gotten a degree more “me” it wouldn’t have been a waste…however, I did not.

3. If I ever have to actually “go back to work” and be expected to bring home a paycheck (GASP, I know) I would go to beauty school and cut hair. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be a beauty school drop out!

4. I LOATH figuring out anything technical. If it wasn’t for Eric I still wouldn’t have a working MP3 player. It takes me WAY too long to figure out this blog stuff as well.

5. I didn’t always have this great relationship with God as I do now. It took a lot of work to open up and let myself go.

6. I am really shy around new people and/or in big groups.

7. Sometimes I can’t even get a word close enough for spell check to correct it. Obvious is one of those – 6 times trying up there at the top….kept coming up oblivious.

8. I once ate a whole box of muffin batter (RAW) with my sister – yes we were sick. Also, I once ate so much Halloween candy that I threw up – see a pattern here?!?

9. I have a dream to change the world with cards and writing.

10. I always said I would marry a nerd. Don’t get me wrong here; I see nothing wrong with nerds – actually the opposite. I think we are all nerds deep down but only people true to themselves are brave enough to know who they are and not care what others think – therefore can be a little nerdy! Hey, I am a big ole dork when it comes down to it – you should hear some of my “jokes”

So who are you? How did you find this blog?

For what it is worth, I do read every comment and love reading them. I am never sure how to respond to them though – if I write back in the comment sections will whoever wrote it know it is there? Hmmm – I don’t know but I do love reading them.

Let me know – I am really curious.
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