Sunday, February 6, 2011

January Recap

I was rereading this post to see where I started and where I am now and I am proud to I did this without knowing I did it – odd, I know!!

- One goal a month (stolen from Happiness Project)

- Work on said goal daily (stolen from Happiness Project)

- Review goal daily (stolen from Happiness Project)

- Make Vision Board for year (working on now – will post pics when done!)

- Play “don’t break the chain” on wall calendar:

So really, what all these little steps are going to help me do is simple – do something – anything – I don’t care but I will work on my goals daily and remind myself of what I want to attain with them.

In January I really worked on 2 things: counting calories and business – all be it in a different way than I had intended to at the beginning of the year. I am very excited to say that the boring task of counting calories on a daily basis has completely paid off - 8 pounds since January 3rd! SWEET! And in a weird way I am now enjoying the game of counting – how can I get a (1,000) calorie most days between food and working out, what can I eat that keeps me the fullest the longest for the how many calories, and most of all, it is nice to see what I put in my body.

Business – I have really hit a creative stride. I feel like I have finally found myself in my creating and I am loving every minute of it. What I don’t love – the social media side of everything. I usually yell at my computer anytime I am trying to do something new with typepad and/or FB – ARGULA!!

February goals:

Do more workbooks with Ian.

Gget all my “social media” sh*t linked and working and after our cruise (oh yes, we are going on a cruise!!!) send out a huge grand-opening email/evite for my etsy shop.

What do y’all think would be better – email or evite (I know they are kind of the same but not really) or would both be overkill? Not sure what to with that one.
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