Sunday, December 12, 2010


Lit – er – ally. UGH, I was SO grossed out tonight at Burger King.

First things first, why in the h*ll were we at Burger King when we are home in Austin and not on a road trip??  A promise is a promise – Ian went poop on the potty twice and that was our deal. Two times = trip to McDonald’s. At the last minute he decided Burger King was his prize. Whatever – we packed it up and hit the road.

We get there and it was pretty crowded but nothing crazy. After Ian slammed down a slide that states for four years and older, he talked Eric into going up with him. I thought – “yes, this should be entertaining.”

Well to say the least, my 2 minutes of entertainment turned into a horrified mama and the need to run out of there fast. A little girl had a horrible cough and kept on playing, and kept on coughing and next thing I know she is vomiting in a brown bag her mother was holding.

As soon as Eric and Ian’s feet hit the floor from the slide, I looked at him and said, “let’s go – now.” After a fierce hand washing session in the bathroom, we left and came home and put Ian right in the bath. Now, I am usually not so “germ a-phob” but seriously, I was completely grossed out by this. UGH.
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