Friday, August 13, 2010

To my sweet boy

Dear Ian –
I can NOT believe you are already 3. It breaks my heart and makes me glow with happiness all at the same time. You are growing up to be such a loving and caring little boy. You are already very empathic with everyone – anytime you hear a child crying you are concerned with what is wrong with him/her and if his/her mommy is helping. You knocked me in the nose the other day while jacking around and I couldn’t help myself – the tears came flooding out from the head butt to the nose. You were so upset and unsettled that you hurt me and you wanted nothing more than to make me feel better.

You are a little clown and love to do crazy dances and silly face to get a laugh out of me and daddy. Your face lights up when you get a good laugh out of us.

You love playing hide and seek and are actually getting good at it. At first, you giggled the whole time you were hiding and when being looked for, you would always answer the question of “is Ian in the bathroom” with a “no, I’m in the closet.” It was so funny to hear you say this when you were supposed to be hiding. But now, you’ve got the hang of it – although, you hide in the same place time after time.

You have your pals that you love playing with. You are actually playing with them now verses playing around each other. You love “school” and in fact have asked me a few times when you are going back. Not to worry my dear, a few more weeks!

I can sometimes talk you into giving me kisses, but mostly you “allow” me to kiss your head! You still let me hug on you all I want though and sometimes you surprise me by jumping on me and giving me HUGE hugs and kisses and asking me if that makes my heart happy. Yes, my sweet, it makes it happier than you could know.

We are going to start potty training tomorrow as I have been prepping you for it for awhile now. You tell me you understand that when you are 3, there are no more diapers – we will see.

You are mister chatty with me. You ask a crazy amount of why’s, but I am surprised at the answers we can come up with together. You are shy in big groups of people and don’t really say much.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I hear you re-cap our day to daddy. It is so fun to hear it straight from your mouth what we did that day and your take on it all.

You are wonderful and my sweet boy. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with you, love you, teach you, practice patience with you and be your mommy.

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet.
Love, mommy
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