Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WHY so many rules?

My goodness, life has changed around here lately. With Ian talking NON-STOP lately, he has learned the art of driving me crazy with why’s and his rules!

Why do I have to take a nap? Why can’t I have that? Why is she doing that? Why did you say that? Why, why, why?? Don’t get me wrong here, it is super cute that he has found his curiosity and is expressing it, but man alive; I do get tired of answering questions all day. And “because” doesn’t work. Because why is always his follow up to my because.

Rules, Rules and more rules come from Ian when he decides it is time for us to play a game.

And it is so funny listening to him come up with all this sh*t he wants us to do in order to play one game. Here is the breakdown of how his games work:

Hey mom, want to play a game?

Sure – what are we playing?

Um – this (no game has yet to receive an actual name)
First you pick up the balloon
Then throw it in the air and KICK it before it hits the ground
Next run down the hall and get this ball (some random ball he finds in his room while explaining his game)
Now throw this ball on the bed and then jump off the bed.
Okay – got it. Let’s go. (Of course I always have to go first)
NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO – you are supposed to kick the balloon first.

Then he is mad that I didn’t play by his rules and is done. He spent all that time explaining the game then didn’t even get to enjoy all his rules he made up!

It is really funny to hear all this come out of his little mouth and see the wheels turning in his head to get it all out.
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