Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Rants

I try not to bitch about random things because I honestly do feel that the more someone bitches, the more “stuff” happens to them to bitch about; however, with that said, I have few items I need to get out there – for no other reason than to get them off my chest!
- To the person at all play places: WATCH YOUR CHILD. I am there to play with my child, not your child, I am not there to police your child, to tell him to stop being a little brat, to share, not to push – GET OFF YOUR ASS AND WATCH YOUR CHILD.
- My g key on my keyboard doesn’t work well AT ALL. I have to hit it at least 5 times to make it work and it is like this from Ian popping all the keys off my keyboard more than once: note to myself: WATCH YOUR CHILD!! 
- Going to a meeting that is not well organized drives me a little crazy. If I am there, tell me what I need to know/do and get on with it.
- When people post a “looking for” ad on craigslist in the for sale section – flippin’ do a search already to look for what you are looking for.
Okay, I am done. YES, I realize these are all SO SMALL in the grand scheme of life and yes I realize I probably do 10 times as many things to piss people off…..
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