Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Craft Report

Well, I am so sad to report, that my first craft fair was a bust…a BIG FAT UGLY BUST! BUT – I keep telling myself it wasn’t my stuff that wasn’t selling – nobody’s stuff was selling. A lady next to me said her whole table sold out last year and this year, she sold 2 things.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t very disappointed in the whole thing, or that my ego didn’t take a major blow or that it wasn’t hard work….all of it – getting ready for it, being there and feeling like I was there wasting my time when I could be at home with Eric and Ian.

I am going to give it another try being as I already signed up and paid for this weekend and I am revamping some items and making a few new, SMALLER things. I had nothing under $10 at this last one, and I am making some bookmarks, magnets and brag books that will all be under $10 and hopefully suck people in!

In the meantime, if you see anything you like and are willing to “pimp my product” as Jenn calls it, let me know and I will make you whatever you would like in return for pimping my product! I am still working on a web-site, which I really hope to have up and running in a few weeks –before Christmas at least.

Other than the craft shows, things are going well. Running is good but I still haven’t lost any actual weight – SO frustrating. I go to the oncologist next Tuesday which I am SO looking forward to. I have a whole book of questions I want to ask her and most importantly – when can we get back on the baby making train?!?!

I felt a real dip in my energy this weekend and at the beginning of this week. It is crazy now that I know what to look for and spot a little depression creeping in, it makes it a lot easier to head it off at the pass, but regardless, it is still there and I still have to work on keeping it at bay on a daily basis.

Pictures from the show:
Journals - can be personalize

Clipboards - can be personalized

Overall display

Scrapbook photo holder

White Erase boards with matching magnets
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