Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pulling it all together

It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays – you have to get this, wrap that, go to this party, mail this stuff, make cookies for school, etc, etc, etc. The list never seems to end and in my mind, even when I am not going through chemo, I get completely overwhelmed and bogged down and sometimes just shut down. That is what I do when I get overwhelmed and have too much to do and can’t see the light at the end, I shut down and don’t do anything. Now, I am fully aware this is the most unproductive way to deal with the “I have too much to do” feeling, but that is what I do. That I my New Year’s resolution – when I feel overwhelmed, step back, breath and DO something about it instead of step back and walk away.
With that in mind, the thought of the process to start the non-profit has been completely overwhelming me. I have NO idea how to go about this. Yes, I purchased a book, yes, I have talked to a ton a people who have offered to help me, yes, I have done some research, yes, I have started a business plan but I can’t get all these pieces to come together. An amazing woman from church has offered to help me in allowing me to take her business coaching classes, which I am so grateful for and extremely excited about. But I am scared, what if all these people offer me the help and the tools to do this and I still can’t pull it all together? What then? I feel like I need/want to talk about this idea/vision to everyone I meet because then if I put it all out there, I can’t NOT succeed and make it happen because I won’t only be letting myself down but everyone else I have told about my dream.
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