Monday, November 24, 2008


I have actually questioned why I have been so incredibly blessed when it comes to my side-effects of the chemo. I honestly don’t know if it has been my attitude, my otherwise overall health or what? But one side-effect that is in full swing is CHEMO BRAIN!

There are some days I can’t think of the simplest words, if I don’t write something down on my list, it is gone for good and the worst of it happened yesterday – I put Ian’s shoes on the wrong the feet and didn’t even realize it until Eric said to me – um, Nay, bug’s shoes are on the wrong feet. For all those mommies out there, think of pregnancy brain but a ton worse. When I was pregnant, I could still think of words and felt like I could carry on a conversation, but now I feel like when I talk (if I want to make sense) I speak very slowly and really have to think about what I am saying (hey, I can that isn’t such a bad thing!)

I am feeling pretty run down this morning. Eric just got over having a cold, Ian is coughing now and I have a little cough. I plan on taking it super easy until I feel better because getting sick is the last thing I want or need. I have to feel better this weekend so we can decorate for Christmas – I am so excited!!!!!
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