Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo Chronicle #4

Yeah, in about an hour, I will be halfway done with my chemo treatments. I have the remaining 4 scheduled as well as an ultrasound. We need proof of what we think is true – the lump is almost gone. I saw my Dr. today and was ecstatic when she was examining me and she had to ask if she was examining the correct breast because she couldn’t feel anything – nothing!!!!!!!!

We discussed my surgery options and I THINK I have decided to do a lumpectomy. My reasons behind this are – if I am able to have another child, I would like to option to breast feed, having a mastectomy only reduces my chances of reoccurrence of breast cancer – I can still get cancer again somewhere else in my body and the chances of reoccurrence in my breast is less than 7% without a mastectomy, if I change my mind in the future and don’t feel comfortable with my breasts, I can have a mastectomy.

When I do the lumpectomy, I will have to have limp nods removed also to ensure the cancer is not elsewhere in the ole body. I will then have to follow that up with radiation treatments but she said those are a breeze compared to chemo.

Back to the kid bit – I have in no way shape or form given up hope of having another little bug or bugget. I know in my heart Eric and I will have another child or heck maybe two! I will have to have my periods return and be cancer free for a whole year before we get the green light on trying again. She said she has had some patients whose periods returned pretty quickly after finishing chemo. So, I am praying that will be the case with me as well. Ha, I never thought I would be so happy to have my period!!

Other than this great bit of news, not a whole lot is going on. This place is packed this morning. The lady next to me is passed out, the man across from me just ate a Wendy’s hamburger (it looked good but I have learned not to eat after this because I think that is what makes me feel like shit), there is a man who has his shirt buttoned a few too many buttons, a lady who they had a lot of trouble finding her vein (I am SO glad I have my port) and 3 other rows of people going through some kind of treatment. I just hope and pray they are doing as well as I am and feel as loved as I do.
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