Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smile…yes please….thank you

Might be the hardest string of words I am going to have to learn to say when it comes to excepting help from others. I am great at smiling, saying yes please and thank you, but when asked if I need help, my first response is almost always, no thanks, I’ve got it. And as most of you know, I am fiercely independent and even more stubborn. Thanks to my mom raising me to know I can do anything on own, I have taken that with me throughout my life. However I do realize the time has come to accept help graciously and try not to feel guilty about it. Oh guilt, that is fun emotion. One of my goals to learn through this journey: people don’t mind doing things to help me in whatever form, in fact they want to – just like I want to do so much for others. And most of all, when they offer to help, it is sincere and they aren’t just saying it to be polite.
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